Rescue-at-height--training-CameroonThis course is suitable for workers and members of the work at height emergency response team who require skills to perform first response rescue of a worker suspended at height

Should there be a fire at your work place, foundering or sinking of your vessel, or should your employee be trapped in a confined space, suspended at height. Let take the least case how would you and your workers response in case there is an accident at your job site. What to do, the authority to speak, how to evacuate, what is the responsibility of each person in your team. Will they be able to carry out these responsibilities are issues that bedeviled managers during an emergency. Our training courses on emergency response will get you and your team up to speed in responding to emergencies. see our training courses

Hydrogen Sulphide Training in CameroonHydrogen sulfide is an extremely toxic and irritating gas. Early recognition and detection is crucial to protect employees from deadly exposures. H2S will affect the body if it is inhaled or contacts the eyes, skin, nose or throat. Our training on H2S will permit your workers to detect and 

Fire Team Leader TrainingOur role is to create an organization where fewer fires occur so our teams can focus efforts and talents on matters that help us reach our mission. However, should the fire broke out, we need to fight the fire and to fight efficiently, we need fire team leaders

Basic fire fighting training Hy-Classe GroupOur Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Warden Training is  designed to equip learners with the knowledge and necessary skills to manage and extinguish a fire in the home or office environment, using a variety of techniques covered in the course, participants will 

First Aid Training in CameroonWe offer first aid training courses for  workplace and communities throughout Central and west Africa.  We train you to successfully Manage efficiently conscious and unconscious victims, chemical imbalance, fractures, burns, bleeding

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to extinguish fires with the use of a fire extinguisher evacuate an installation on fire apply the theory of the fire triangle in preventing fires at worksites.

This Advance fire fighting training course is designed for fire fighting squad of companies having an on-site fire response team. Other workers in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Chemicals companies wishing to become onsite fire fighter  will need to take this course.

Helideck Fire Team Member TrainingThis Helideck Fire Team Member Training is suitable for employees who manage emergencies on helidecks. It will be of great benefit to the HLO, helideck assistants, safety representatives/officers, rig medics and other helideck attendants

This accident investigation training will be of great value to employees having the responsibility to carry out accident investigation on their Job sites,  employees of insurance companies, banks, the police force and road traffic officials will find it rewarding. It will be of benefit to

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