Advanced Accident Investigation Training


Objective of this Accident Investigation Training 

The goal of this advance accident investigation training is to fortify participants with skills, techniques and tools that will permit them effectively lead
  accident investigation teams and carry out accident investigation in an advance level. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Effectively lead an accident investigation team 
  • Use scientific techniques to diagnose hidden loss/accident causation factor
  • Effectively gather and analyze evidence of causes of an accident
  • Describe the primary reasons for conducting an accident investigation.
  • Understand employer’s responsibilities related to workplace accident investigations.
  • Carry root cause analyses and the six step accident investigation procedure


Training Duration:

This training on accident investigation will be organised in two days classroom including exercises and videos.We can organised the training in our Cameroon office or on site upon client request

Who will benefit from this Training

This accident investigation training will be of great value to employees having the responsibility to carry out accident investigation on their Job sites,  employees of insurance companies, banks, the police force and road traffic officials will find it rewarding. It will be of benefit to supervisors, directors, and managers in the oil and gas industry, construction, insurance, banking, food production and cosmetic sector workers will highly benefit from this training course

Training Course Outline

Element 1:

  • Introduction to Accident Investigation
  • Definition of Incident and Accident
  • Importance of Investigating Accident
  • Reporting Procedures
  • The Accident Investigation Team
  • Accident Investigation Kit


Element 2:

  • The Four “Ps” of Accident Investigation


Element 3:

  • Accident / Loss Causation theory
  • Multi-Causation, the Domino Theory


Element 4:

  • Contributing Factors to an Accident
  • Immediate Causes


Element 5:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Change Analysis, Sequence Diagrams, Gross Hazard Analysis,
  • The JSA, FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, Asking the whys


Element 6:

  • Gathering Evidence/Facts Finding
  • Scene Evidence
  • Statements from victims/injured person
  • Witnesses’ Statement
  • Interviewing Techniques


Element 7:

  • Differentiation Integration and segregation of evidence
  • The principle of agreement.
  • The principle of differences.
  • The principle of concomitant variation.


Element 8:

  • The Accident Investigation Report.
  • Review and Follow-up corrective action (Optional)

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