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Hy-Classe Group’s QHSE pros have been at the vanguard of engineering and realizing forward-thinking auditing curriculums to meet the evolving demands of our clients.

In the current business sphere, where stakeholder have developed increase interest in a company´s environmental health, safety and quality (QHSE) performance, the latitude of QHSE auditing is increasing. Auditing has gone beyond basically ticking a worksheet to ascertain regulatory compliance. Auditing programs in our current business world must deliver evidence on the efficiency of an organization management systems, prospects for cost saving, and constant upgrading of a company’s QHSE accomplishments.

Hy-Classe Group’s QHSE auditing services include

  • Environmental compliance auditingsafety and quality auditing
  • Health, safety and Quality auditing and program development
  • Third party audits on compliance to statutory requirement
  • Training on auditing.

Environmental compliance auditing

Hy-Classe Group’s has extensive experience performing Environmental compliance audits for multinational companies. Our staff has a broad knowledge of industrial processes and manufacturing operations and expertise in interpreting and evaluating state, local, regulatory and agency laws and regulations. Our auditing activities go beyond the traditional evaluation of compliance with existing rules. Our staff identifies waste minimization and recycling opportunities, impacts of proposed rules on client operations, best management practices, and corporate social responsibility issues. 

Hy-Classe Group’s environmental auditing services include:

  • Multi-dimensional Environmental compliance auditing;
  • Facility -specific Environmental compliance auditing;
  • Environmental management systems / ISO 14001 systems auditing.
  • Health and safety auditing and program development.


Through our Health and Safety audits/inspections we provide recommendations that will improve your performance. We also provide loss control/risk management services and conduct cost-benefit analyses. Services offered include:

  • Health and safety regulatory compliance auditing;
  • Health and safety program development;
  • Workplace monitoring.


Third party audits on compliance to statutory requirement
Hy-Classe Group has excellently trained, proficient and experienced auditors. We conduct on regular bases internal and supplier/contractor audits on behalf of our clients. Over the past years, our clients have found our audits more productive and have continually engage us to conduct these audits on their behalf. They have realized that the effectiveness of our audits is greater than when they use internal staff to conduct the audits.When we sought to know why most of our clients preferred our services than that of internal auditors, the reasons for this are simple:

  • When we conducts audits on behalf of our client, the finding are more credible and the implementation of corrective actions and closing of gaps is realized faster.
  • From our experience we have been able quickly recognize what is important and what could go wrong, we have focus more on those aspects on our audits and the results have been great.
  • Many of our clients have affirm that, when we conduct an audit we have only one priority, “How to improve the system from the outcome of audits results”


Hy-Classe Group’s offers a range of performance-based employee training programs that combine classroom instruction with hands-on experience, tailored to fit your particular needs. Our team of professionals can provide onsite training in either group or individual settings. Common training programs include:

  • Internal auditing Training for Iso 9001
  • Internal auditing Training for Iso 14001
  • Internal auditing Training for OHSAS 18001

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