Ergonomics at Work Training Course

  • Improve personal conditions, environmental and behavioral tendencies at work
  • Reconciling the objectives of productivity, comfort and motivation at work.
  • Reduce work-related illnesses.

Training Duration:

This ergonomics at work training course has a duration of two days. This includes classroom presentations, discussion and exercises. We can organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea

Who will benefit from this Training course on Ergonomics

This ergonomics at work  training course will be of great benefit to front desk personnel, customer service personnel,operations managers, Safety Officers, Safety Supervisors, Safety Committee members, office workers and computer operators

Pre-requisite :  

There are no prerequisite, however, participants should be able to speak either english or french

Training Course Content

Module 1: Definition of Concepts

  • Task, activity, worker, environment. Mental load. 

Module 2: Ergonomic hazards.

  • Probable causes of musculoskeletal problems
  • The specific risk factors
  • Principles of Ergonomic Risk Reduction

Module 3: Design of Workstations

  • Designing for an adjustment
  • Designing for the average
  • Designing for the extreme.
  • Tool design task

Module 4: The delegate and team members

Delegated role of ergonomics 

Module 5: Repetitive strain injuries

Module 6: Furniture and equipment

  • Habits and routines
  • How to conduct a safety assessment work

Module 7: Lifting techniques

  • Principles for improving the lifting of heavy loads

Module 8: Working at a computer.

  • Evaluation of workstations and recommendations for improvement
  • Subjective evaluation,
  • Impact and Behavior 
  • Noise and its various aspects 
  • Light, vision  
  • The various disorders   Thermal environment.

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