The objectives of this electrical safety training course for non electricians is to sensitize delegates on the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely at the proximity of electricity. Participants will learn the dangers and hazards of exposure to electricity, the component of electricity and how electrical hazards can be control.

The objectives of this electrical safety training course for electricians is to sensitize delegates on the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely on electrical installations. Participant will learn skills that will permit them to recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards at work. Upon completion, delegates should be able to:

The goal of this training on ergonomics at work is to equipe delegates with techniques that will help them  understand individual behavior at work and how to use workplace posture and equipments in a way that minimises the risks to work related illnesses. Upon completing this training course on ergonomics, delegates will e able to:  

This Safety for Managers and Supervisors Training will provide the Supervisors/Managers, Foreman and the Independent contractor with the skills, knowledge and desire to lead their workforce in achieving an INJURY-FREE workplace. This Safety for managers and Supervisor Training focuses on safety motivation and performance techniques to harness a positive safety culture.

The main purpose of this fall protection and fall arrest training is to empower delegates with knowledge that will permit them achieve 100% fall protection while working at height. Participants will be drilled on the use of different fall arrest and fall prevention equipment including

The aim of this radio operator Training is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to work as Radio Operators and perform emergency communication using handheld VHF radios.

The objectives of the helicopter landing officer (HLO) training is to equip the delegate with the initial knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) safely and effectively. Upon completion, delegates should be able to:

This Public Relations Management training will empower delegates with skills and techniques used by advance PR professionals in shaping organizational and public opinion so as to maintain trust from their clients and win public support and loyalty.

This course focuses on work at height operations from a range of scenarios typically found on Telecom, Power Transmission, and Wind Energy Towers. The course has been developed to provide participants with a theoretical and practical knowledge of equipment requirements and safe work methods to be used when working at heights on telecom towers, energy towers, derricks and other latice structures.

The objective of this Train the Trainer training is to produce qualified trainers possessing effective skills as training program instructor, designer and developer. Participants will practice how to deliver training, design training modules and develop training programs. The training will end with a samples training

The purpose of this scaffolding safety Training will empower delegates with the adequate skills and knowledge needed to plan, prepare construct, modify and dismantle scaffolds in line with Internationally accepted practice in scaffolding.

The main purpose of this customer service Training is to empower delegates on techniques of building life long customer service skills by developing effective customer-care strategies.  Upon completing the customer service training course,

The purpose of safety induction training for Oil and Gas workers is to ensure that all personnel working in the oil and industry can demonstrate competence in addressing safety requirements of an oil and gas installation, controlling hazards on the installation, responding appropriately to an emergency, using personal safety equipment, carrying out their individual responsibilities for HS&E

The objective of this customer relationship management training course is to empower delegates with the latest skills and techniques in managing the circular relationship that exist between suppliers, technology, the company and customers. This course will teach you how to select the right tools for your business- so it can grow today--and on into the future.

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