Rescue from Height Training

Learning Objectives.

The goal of this training course is to empower delegates with knowledge and skills that will permit them perform rescue at height operations safely and effectively. At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Correctly assess when a rescue is required
  • Identify hazardous conditions prior to rescue
  • Identify what equipment and materials will be necessary for a rescue
  • Determine the most effective method for removing a victim off a structure
  • Apply First Aid to victim once on ground


Those who will benefit from the training:

This course is suitable for workers and members of the work at height emergency response team who require skills to perform first response rescue of a worker suspended at height. Safety officers, Telecommunication workers called upon to perform work at height, riggers and members of the safety committee.


Course content

  • The work at height regulation
  • Understanding of the function, ratings and equipment checks for equipment used for rescue from height using preset systems
  • Understanding of key terminology associated with rescue from height equipment
  • Rescue Preparation and the rescue plan
  • Emergency service and emergency response
  • Hazard Identification during rescue at height situation
  • Fall suspension trauma
  • The reflow syndrome
  • Tying of basic knots use for rescue at height operations
  • Rescue at height methodology
  • Rescue at height equipment, Identification and use
  • Ascension to and rescue of the victim
  • Evaluate the state of consciousness of the victim
  • Determine the rescue method and rescue position
  • Free the victim from the anchorage point
  • Application of first aid
  • Identify the appropriate stretcher for given rescue scenarios
  • Recall basic principles for use of stretchers in rescue scenarios
  • Principles of spinal board use 


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