Tower Crane Operator Training

  • Safely use Load moment indicators and other safety devices
  • Operate the tower crane safely and productively
  • Respond to the recognized signals for controlling crane operations
  • Carry out pre use checks and maintenance of the tower crane
  • Understand the capabilities of the equipment
  • Understand the effect of the working radius on the lifting capacity of the machine
  • Protect, check and maintain counterweights effectively
  • Measure the effect of shock loading on structural strength and stability
  • Carry out slinging of loads safely
  • Understand regulations applicable to crane Operations.
  • Pre-requisites
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics sufficient for effective performance as a Crane Operator
  • Medical fit to work to ensure that delegate is not color blind


Who will benefit from this Training

Any person who has the requirement to shift loads with the aid of a tower crane.


Duration of Training

This Training has a duration of 4 days including classroom course involving theoretical exercises, questions and answers and a hands on practical session on the use of tower cranes. We can Organise the training onsite in Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea


Course Contents

The course is divided into two sessions. The first session is classroom/theory training and the second is practical application of the course content.



Unit 1 Classroom/ Theory Training



  • Regulations related to the Safe use of Tower cranes


Tower Crane Operator Responsibility

  • Testing and Examination of crane prior use.
  • Selecting & Inspecting Rigging Hardware
  • Wire Rope Used in Tower Crane


Configuration of crane base and onshore crane procedure set-up

  • Components of Tower Cranes
  • Tower Crane Capacity Charts


Basic safety precautions that must be followed during the daily routine work.

  • Working near Power Lines
  • Handling of Personnel
  • Climbing & Jacking Procedures
  • Dismantling of Tower Cranes
  • Leaving Cranes Unattended


Conditions Affecting Capacities of Tower Crane

  • Maximum Load ratings, % tipping loads, factors that affect the cranes rated capacity.
  • Determining The Weight of the Load to be lifted by the Tower Crane
  • Locating the Load's Center of Gravity


Communications during use of Tower Crane

  • Hand Signals
  • Radio Communication
  • Emergency stop procedure.


Unit  2 On Site

  • Practical demonstration of using the crane.
  • Practical demonstration with course participants using the correct crane signals.
  • Practical demonstration of how to control the load in safe manner.


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