Workplace Safety and Health Committee Training

This Workplace Safety and Health Committee Training is designed to give personnel the practical skills and cognitive knowledge that will permit them to discharge their functions as members of the health and safety committee. The training focuses on an intense hands-on approach to Workers Health and Safety Committee Creation, management and operations. Learners will acquire the skills and knowledge required to perform and discharge their responsibilities as workplace Safety and Health Committee Members

Overview of this Training

Workplace Health and Safety Committee Training 21 Hy Classe Group CameroonThe role and function of the WSH Committees is critical to drive the performance of the organization towards Workplace Safety and Health excellence. It is paramount that individual members possess the necessary competencies to carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively, and be able to work as a team to achieve common Workplace Safety and Health objectives.


This Course is designed to meet the requirements as mandated in Convention N° 155 of the ILO on the Health and Safety of Workers. it fulfils requirements of Article 8 to of ministerial decision 039 of Cameroun, the HASAWA Regulations of 1974 and relevant legislation in Gagon, Congo, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Chad

Expected Learning Outcomes (Targeted skills)

The purpose of this training is to give participants skills, knowledge and expertise that will enable them to create, manage and work as members of the workers Safety and Health Committee. Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Carry out work place safety Inspection
  • Animate Safety committee meetings
  • Perform and discharge their responsibilities as safety committee members
  • Contribute effectively to the improvement of safety and health at the workplace
  • Apply the WSH (Workplace Safety and Health Committees) Regulations
  • Carry out accident investigation to determine surface and root causes of an accident
  • Plan and execute safety and health programs in accordance with activities of the company
  • Assist in gathering and disseminating information related to workers health and safety
  • Advise and work with the company to avoid fines and penalties that may result from the non-respect or application of safety and health principles
  • Make suggestions to improve on the health and safety of workers
  • Build team spirit and a strong safety culture amongst fellow workers 
Those who will benefit from the training

This course is designed for workers for learners at any level in the Telecommunication, Onshore Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Chemicals procession, metallurgy and other companies who needs an understanding of managing WSH risks to undertake the role as members of the organization Safety Committee such as Managers, engineers, executives, supervisors, technicians and workers’ representatives

Training Venue and Time

Our experts are ready to deliver this training upon client request. A training program will be made and sent to client for validation after which training will be delivered. The training can be organized in our premises or in your premises upon request.


Training Content

MODULE 1: Introduction to OH&S

  • Define WSHC
  • Define WSHC Committee/WH&S Representative/     WH&S Designate
  • Purpose of the WSHC Act and Regulations
  • Legislative duties of the WSHC Committee/WH&S Representative/WH&S Designate
  • Elements associated with an effective WSHC program
  • Benefits of implementing an WSHC program in the workplace

MODULE 2: The Responsibility of Safety Committee stakeholders

  • The rights of workers
  • The “right to refuse” unsafe work
  • Legislative duties of key people involved in OH&S
  • How the employer and Safety Committee Representative work together

MODULE 3: Essentials of WSHC Committees/WH&S Representatives/WH&S Designates

  • Key legislation directly related WSHC Committee/WH&S Representative/WH&S Designate responsibilities and functions
  • Legislative requirements for establishing the WSHC Committee
  • The structure and membership of the WSHC Committee
  • Identify the legislative training requirements
  • Identify the legislative meeting requirements
  • Examine the duties and responsibilities of the WSHC Committee and individual members
  • Discuss the terms of reference for an WSHC Committee
  • Outline the activities of WSHC meetings
  • Discuss the importance of providing education and training to Committees/Representatives/Designates

MODULE 4: Hazard Recognition, Evaluation & Control

  • Define hazard
  • Explain Hazard Recognition, Evaluation & Control
  • Define occupational illness
  • Identify how people, equipment, materials and the environment contribute to hazards
  • Examine the different ways of recognizing potential hazards
  • Describe the risk assessment process
  • Discuss the hierarchy of controls

MODULE 5: Workplace Inspections

  • Define workplace inspections
  • Explain the purpose of workplace inspections
  • Explain the four steps involved in workplace inspections

MODULE 6: Incident Investigation

  • Define incident
  • Summarize participation in education and training activities of Incident Investigation
  • Explain the process involved in Incident Investigation

MODULE 7: Supporting Health & Safety in the Workplace

  • Define the WSHC program
  • Identify the WSHC program elements
  • Discuss supporting WSHC in the workplace

MODULE 8 : Making the Health and Safety Committee Effectiveness

  • Explain the benefits of an effective WSHC meeting
  • Complete a mock WSHC meeting
  • Auditing the WSHC Committee/WH&S Representative/WH&S Designate
Training Methodology

Hy-Classe Training shall deliver this training using blended training methods appropriates to the training session and training objectives. Some of these methods are

  • Exposes,
  • debates,
  • brainstorming
  • Video projection,
  • Exercises,
  • Presentations.

The training will be 50% theory and 50% practical exercises in the training hall


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